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Fasteners Supply

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The fastener is the main hardware component, that is used to connect two or more objects together. We can see many types of fasteners, each with its own purpose. Fasteners are used everywhere like automobiles, machinery, construction, infrastructure. Dilmunia IPM T is the leading Supplier of screws, nut bolts in Sharjah, UAE, and Bahrain. Our main goal is to provide cost-effective fasteners in Dubai. Just call us and we are ready to deliver quality products based on your requirements. We make sure the quality of our every product.

Types of Fasteners

•   Bolts

Bolts and Nuts is one of the famous forms of Fasteners. This is usually used to hold two unthreaded components together. In bolts also have in different types:

Hex-Head Bolts:  This bolt head comes in the shape of a hexagon.

Double End Bolts: This double-ended bolt has a thread in both ends instead of having it for the whole length of the piece.

Penta Bolt: This bolt has five sides

Carriage Bolts: Carriage bolts have a convex metal head followed by a square neck and thread.

  • Screws

This is similar to bolts in that they have a head-on on one end and a thread on the other.  The main difference is that screws are normally used to screw into an internally threaded hole. There are many different types of screws:


Machine Screws:  

These types of screws are used in most machinery. Machine Screws come in different head and tip shapes.

  • Nuts

Nuts are used in conjunction with a bolt to clamp two or more parts together. It comes in different types:

Nylon Insert Nuts:  

These hexagonal-shaped nuts have a nylon insert that prevents the nut from coming loose due to vibration.

We are always trying to understand your needs and requirements and also we provide quality Fastener at an affordable price. For more information:  +971  6 5611572

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