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Unimax Gasket Supplier

A gasket is a mechanical seal that occupies the space between at least two mating surfaces, by and large, to keep spillage from or into the joined articles while under compression.  Dilmunia IPM T is the best Unimax gasket supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE. We provide quality Unimax gasket in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE. Our team will deliver the products on time. 

Types of Gaskets

Non-Metallic Gasket

The most widely recognized materials utilized for this kind of gaskets are Graphite, Rubber, Teflon, PTFE, and Compressed Non-Asbestos Fiber (CNAF). These gaskets are otherwise called Soft gaskets.



Metal Gasket

Metal gaskets are made from a material, for example, Soft iron, Low Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, and Inconel. These gaskets are otherwise called ring gaskets or RTJ gaskets.


Composite Gasket

Composite gaskets are a blend of metal and non-metal material. Various types of blends of materials are possible based on the service requirement.


Some of the Gaskets

GA9100 Spiral wound gasket


A spiral wound gasket (SWG) consists of thin metal hoops and nonmetal filler material that is simultaneously wound. The metal hoop is pre-formed in V or W-shaped profile, which allows the gasket to act as a spring between the flanges. The hoop also provides the basic structural element for the gasket while the nonmetal filler material seals the flange surfaces that are with small imperfections.


GA9200 Ring joint gasket


Our ring joint gaskets are machined from solid metal in a variety of shapes with high-quality numerical control machines. They are designed for high pressure, high temperature, or highly corrosive applications by selecting the most suitable materials and shapes. All Uni-seals ring joint gaskets are forged and integral, non-welded.


GA9300 Metal jacketed gasket


Our metal jacketed gaskets (MJG) take expanded graphite, non-asbestos or ceramic fibers, etc as the filler material, and thin stainless steel foil, carbon steel foil, or copper foil, etc as the covering metal jacket. This kind of structure effectively protects the filler against pressure conditions, fluctuating temperatures, and corrosion, providing outstanding resilience and efficient sealing.


GA9400 Corrugated metal gasket

GS9400 gasket has outstanding mechanical strength and thermal conductivity is capable of withstanding high temperature, has almost no limitation on size, and is trouble-free on handling and installation even for large sizes.

The gasket has been proven to be both reliable and cost-effective for the application on flanges and heads where bolt loading is sufficient. Typically used in high-temperature applications and applications involving steam, water, gas, oil, etc.


Get a quality Unimax gasket from Dilmunia IPM T based on your requirements and needs.

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