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Dilmunia Industrial Project Management  Trading


Projects Panorama

Site Management
Dilmunia provides site management services to OEMs and companies in short and medium-range projects in all industries. 
Installation, erections, and commissioning
Dilmunia providing completed assistance in erection of OEMs equipment's  according to drawings and installation manuals at their customers site. 
Manufacturing process
Dilmunia can provide all support during the manufacturing process of equipments in machining, fabrication, Painting and QC.  
After Sale services and spare parts support
Dilmunia is ready to form agreements with OEMs and customers for after services and spare parts supply and handling services. 
Freelancer Service
Dilmunia is providing freelance service for technical projects. 
Technical Audit
Dilmunia is ready to asset companies in technical audit and elevation of plants and equipment's 
Technical Training 
Dilmunia is providing training associated with OEM equipment and plant for their customers. Equipment operation, Technical Training, Maintenance, Hydraulic and pneumatic ...etc.
Maintenance program development
Dilmunia is providing this service to customers in new and old plants in the development of maintenance programs and planning.  
Our Strength is in Our Experience 
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