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Wedge Lock Washer in Bahrain

The wedge lock system was designed to create a beveled washer locking system that utilizes tension over friction to secure bolts that are susceptible to loosening due to heavy loads and extreme vibration. Dilmunia IPM is the leading quality Wedge Lock Washer provider in Bahrain. We are available for our customers to provide different types of Washer. We will always be trying to fulfill customer expectations and needs. Dilmunia is a name of 5000 years history of an island located in the middle of the sea in the Gulf. 

Wedge Lock Washer DIN 25201

Wedge Lock Washer DIN 25201 is using in many areas like agriculture, transportation, marine, mining, construction and bridge construction, energy, manufacturing, processing, shipbuilding, and forestry. These have a lot of benefits like The highest security performance, Easy to install and remove, the Locking effect is not affected by lubrication. We are supplying quality Lock Washer DIN 25201 in Dubai at an affordable price.

Benefits of Wedge Lock Washer

  • High consumption opposition

  • Rock-solid self-locking plan

  • Reliable locking

  • Reusability

  • You can install it quickly

  • Lubrication does not affect the performance of the Wedge Lock Washer

Uses of  Lock Washer

Discussing some areas using Wedge Lock Washer

  • Marine

  • Automotive

  • Solar

  • Wind

  • Oil drilling

  • Waste management

  • Logging Equipment

How To Install Wedge Lock Washer? 

To effectively introduce a wedge washer, the washer should be put between the nut and the joint material. At the point when the nut starts to fix one portion of the washer will be associated with the nut and the other to the joint material. When the washer is safely associated with both the nut and the joint material, it will secure setup and won't relax.
The wedge washer's purpose is to effectively secure bolt joints in even the most extreme environments.


We know this industry very well. So that we can provide quality provides to you at an affordable rate. We know this industry very well. We have a young and experienced team, they will do all works in the best way. We are always trying to provide 100% quality service.

For more information about our service contact us:  +971  6 5611572, +971 54 39 75755, +973 39667508 or Mail:

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