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Dry & Wet Ice Blasting & Cleaning

Dilmunia knows the methods of Dry & wet ice blasting & cleaning very well. We provide the best  Dry & wet ice blasting & cleaning service from the best brand. Our main goal is to provide 100% quality service. We are always available for our customers to provide high-quality, simple, and fast Dry & wet ice blasting & cleaning service.

Know About Wet ICE Blasting

This is the process of using pressurized air to remove abrasive and unwanted materials from surfaces.


Advantages Of Wet ICE Blasting

Dust Reduction: The main advantage of wet blasting is it reduces the amount of dust produced by the abrasive blasting process.

Cleaning: For certain sorts of wet blasting, you can strip the surface and clean it simultaneously. This discredits the requirement for a different washing interaction to eliminate media parts and dissolvable salts.

Less Environmental Impact: This is environmentally friendly compared to other blasting technologies.

How was ice Blasting?


In 2012, Coulson Ice Blast created and fostered the world's first wet ice blast machine.  In 2017, Coulson Ice Blast dispatched the IceStorm90 a wet ice-just blasting machine, and afterward, in 2019, the IceStorm45 was dispatched to permit administrators the capacity to blast with wet or dry ice in one machine.

Know About Dry ICE Blasting


Dry ice blasting is a non-damaging technique for securely cleaning surfaces as well as eliminating undesirable coatings like paint or rust. This is a type of carbon dioxide cleaning, where dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, is sped up in a compressed air stream and guided to a surface to clean it.

Advantages Of Dry ICE Blasting


Efficiency: Dry ICE Blasting is an efficient way of cleaning. This technique is really helpful for reducing the cleaning time.


Generates no Secondary Waste: Dry-Ice Blasting is not making any Secondary Waste.


Environmentally friendly: This is the Environment-friendly technique for cleaning the surface.


Safe for equipment: The Dry-Ice Blasting method is safe for equipment.

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