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Why choose Ice?

  • Using Ice will significantly reduce your operating costs.

  • Ice will not sublimate like dry ice. Under proper storage, it will virtually last forever.

  • Ice reduces airborne contaminate levels compared to other blasting technologies

  • Ice is a non-hazardous material unlike dry ice and all other blasting media.

What is Wet-Ice Blast?

High-pressure water blasting, also known as hydro blasting or pressure washing, uses up to 35 times more water and thousands of gallons per hour. High-pressure water wash systems generally require the use of chemicals to enhance the cleaning process. Coulson Ice Blast uses no chemicals, thus worker health risks are eliminated and there is no contaminated water to be disposed of.

Resource Usage

Coulson’s patented Wet Ice Blast technology has a low media input cost because it only requires conventional ice. In comparison to systems that use dry ice or sand, which has a significantly higher operating cost.

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Environmental Impact

Coulson’s Ice Blasting system is a sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative to other blasting technologies. Blasting using dry ice, sand, plastic beads, or other media poses higher environmental impacts as there are additional materials to be disposed in landfills.

Employee Safety

In the industrial cleaning sector, airborne contaminants are a prime concern when performing any cleaning task. Protective clothing and respiratory aid is necessary when using abrasive cleaning technology. Ice blasting is the only real dustless blasting method available on the market today.

Lead-based paint abatement, which includes one of the most harmful substances to remove (lead) and consequently the most regulated, has the requirement for masks at an airborne exposure of 0.05 milligrams of lead per cubic meter of air. In product testing, the maximum outdoor airborne lead contamination using Coulson Ice Blast was less than 1/10th of the required maximum for unprotected work. Ice Blast is extremely effective in trapping airborne contaminants.

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